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Technical Tour to Emaging:

The technical tour to Tianjin Emaging Technology Co. Ltd in planned on August 15, 2018. Emaging is the first company in China engaged in R&D of magnetic bearing technologies, and the unique company who possesses its own patent of magnetic bearing through independent research & development. It has capacity of industrial application in different areas like blower, molecular pump, compressor, high speed motor, etc.  

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Technical tour to Beijing S1 line:

The tour to Beijing S1 line is planned on August 17, 2018. Demonstration line of medium-low speed maglev train of Beijing (Beijing S1 line) starts from Shi Men Ying of Mentougou district in the west to Ping Guo Yuan of Shijingshan district, is totally 10.2km, in which 9.953km is elevated railway and 0.283km is tunnel. There are 8 stations, and all of them are elevated station. To the north of Shi Men Ying station, a vehicle depot has been built. In initial stage, 60 trains will be equipped, the maximum test speed is 100km/h. It is planned to begin the trial operation from Sep.28, 2017, and start the passenger operation in the end of 2017.

EMS maglev train is applicate in Beijing S1 line, with the active control of electromagnetic suspension, real time adjustment of suspending gap between vehicle and railway is realized and stable suspension & guiding of the train is achieved. A short stator linear induction motor is installed to drive and brake the train, in which the armature stator is mounted in the train. Reaction plates (rotor) is laid along the line. Every train includes 6 vehicles.

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